Size guide



Have you ever been frustrated by trying to figure out your internet size?
Or even more frustrated trying to figure out your partner’s cyber size?

Don’t give up… we have the answers!

Although it may seem like a mountain of a task for a first time online lingerie purchase, if accomplished successfully it can be very rewarding for years to come!


(If you are a man looking for your woman’s size – go steal some clothes from her closet that are worn frequently and start reading the tags!)
Rule number one: When buying lingerie, be aware that lingerie runs small. We are talking about delicate little pieces of hardly sewn together fabrics meant to cover next to nothing so it’s naturally small!
Rule number two: If you are in between sizes and unsure, always go up a size never down.

The chart below will help you with exact measurements:

Size Guide


XS - size 0-2 (Size 30)
Small -size 2-4 and dress sizes 6-8 (size 32)
Medium - size 4-6-8 and dress sizes 10-12 (size 34)
Large - size 6-10-12 and dress sizes 12-14 (size 36)
XL/1X - size 16-18 (size 38)
XXL/2X - size 20-22 (size 40)
XXL/3X  - size 22-24 (size 42)
XXL/4X  – size 24-26 (size 44)
S/M -This is both a small and medium and will stretch or adjust to fit both.
M/L - This is both a medium and large and will stretch or adjust to fit both.
1X/2X - This is both a 1X and 2X and will stretch or adjust to fit both.
2X/3X – This is both a 2X and 3X and will stretch or adjust to fit both.
3X/4X - This is both a 3X and 4X and will stretch or adjust to fit both.

Bras These little wonders require hard hot facts.  If you are buying a bra there are two facts you need to know, what size band and what size cup.
Band + Cup = Size  or  36 + C = 36C
A band is the part that goes around the rib cage and is measured 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 48.
The cup sizes range from A, B, C, D, DD, DDD and so on. You then combine the two and voila`… a size is born! 

Corsets The only thing you need to know is the band size. Just like the bra, the corset is usually sold by the band width of your under breast circumference. The reason you do not need the cup size (like the bra) is because a corset is usually adjustable at the bust and waist with a back ribbon. You can pull it tight for optimal cleavage or take it out for subtle cleavage.

Shapers A shaper will not physically measure according to the size chart… why? Because it’s a shaper by golly! It’s supposed to lift, shift, suck, tuck and hide! You must buy them as you would your regular size and allow them to do their job. If you are feeling unsure what’s the lingerie rule number two? ALWAYS GO UP A SIZE IF YOU ARE UNSURE!

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